Terraqueous: Innovation where Land and Water Meet

Team information

Ignacio Andueza LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University and Research

Mohammad Arfar Razi LinkedIn
Master The University of Texas at Austin

Md.Nazmul Hoque Nayeem LinkedIn
PHD Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

Victoria Belcher LinkedIn
Master The University of Texas at Austin

Md Arefien Razi LinkedIn
Bachelor Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Mahia Mustary Nushin LinkedIn
Master Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

Aqib Mohammad Nibir LinkedIn
Master Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

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About the team

Terraqueous represents the interconnectedness of land and water. Our interdisciplinary team unites landscape designers, spatial environmental planners, and engineers, driven to develop sustainable regional visions that allow communities to flourish. With expertise in community and regional planning, environmental and climate justice, geospatial analysis, climate modeling, and innovative design and engineering, we aim to harness nature-based solutions to build climate resilience. Our passion is creating adaptation strategies that support livelihoods and culture while restoring biodiversity. By taking a broad systems view grounded in cutting-edge technology, we strive to transform regions vulnerable to climate change through nature-positive design.

Our vision for nature-positive future for Bangladesh

In our vision for 2121, Bangladesh will emerge as the world's first developed terraqueous nation, where all residents thrive, and water and local knowledge drive climate resilience and sustainability, health, and economic prosperity for all. By harnessing the power of water and local knowledge, the country will prioritize nature-based solutions co-created with communities, enabling regions to leverage ecological wisdom and advance sustainability. Settlements will integrate adaptive architecture and clean energy, while sustainable agriculture enhances production and food security. Mangroves will span the horizon, shielding shores from storms, as wetlands absorb flooding and protect against sea-level rise. The country's rich biodiversity, from the Sundarbans to the Chittagong Hill Tracts, will be preserved and celebrated, with people championing nature's gifts and driving equitable development. Bangladesh's transformation will be catalyzed by strategic interventions in key regions, such as the proposed BDC Triangle megaregion, spanning the Barisal, Dhaka, and Chattogram Divisions. By synergizing science, nature, and ingenuity, Bangladesh will create a resilient future for its inhabitants and habitats, setting a global example of how a nation can thrive in harmony with its unique, terraqueous environment and inspiring others to follow in its path toward a sustainable and prosperous future.

Our choices for a specific region

The BDC Triangle was selected for its unique combination of vulnerability and potential, and the need for megaregional planning to drive change in Bangladesh. To address the megaregion's challenges and unlock its potential, we propose six High Leverage Points (HLPs) with 18 corresponding projects across micro, meso, and macro scales. These HLPs include Integrated Water and Ecosystem Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Community-centered Settlements, Green Circular Economy, Empowering Communities, and Governance and Connectivity. The projects range from household-level interventions like modular wetland systems and mangrove aquaponics to community-driven initiatives such as participatory mangrove restoration and circular jute economy hubs, and regional strategies for watershed management and green development. We aim to enhance climate resilience, promote sustainable livelihoods, and drive inclusive growth in the BDC Triangle by implementing these nature-based solutions. The success of these projects will serve as a model for the entire nation, propelling Bangladesh towards its terraqueous future.

Our vision for Bangladesh

Our transition path

Our vision for a specific region

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