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Putri Nabilah LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University and Research

Rahmad Siregar LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University

Ayoub Rozanes LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University & Research

Ramadhan Ramadhan LinkedIn
Bachelor Universitas Gadjah Mada

Nidya Putri
Master Institut Teknologi Bandung

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About the team

We're a team of 5 people with diverse background, nationality, and expertise. Our super power is Agility. We're willing to learn and give creative solution for Bangladesh.

Our vision for nature-positive future for Bangladesh

In 2120, Barisal Division exemplifies an interconnected, climate-resilient region, where food production and clean water are sustained by natural ecosystem. This vision is supported by 5 missions answering each component of the vision: 1.Conserve and give space for local and ecological system to thrive and resilient in adapt in changing environment. 2.Reconnect people with their environment by ensuring clean and safe water access. 3.Develop eco-tourism industry in balance with human and nature interaction and local heritage. 4.Connect people in the Delta to ensure a high-quality regional interconnection. 5.Achieve food security without harming the environment. Once brought together, these missions enable us to achieve our main vision. Nevertheless, to fill out the gap between the current and the desire situation, concrete solutions need to be implemented. The solutions have been carefully chosen to be integrative and provide several options for the local people with whom it’ll first be discussed before implementation. Among these solutions there are: mangrove expansion, phytofiltration, transportation corridors, eco-tourism based on local heritage and aquaculture improvement through capacity-building and training initiatives. This will be done by close collaboration with local entities starting with the locals firstly impacted by the current situation

Our choices for a specific region

Barisal division is our chosen region for further spatial planning due to its current land use and potential. It is dominated by coastal and wetland agriculture, which can be further developed using sustainable agriculture and aquaculture. It is also dominated by brackish water which has a high potential for pond aquaculture. This is important because it follows our vision of food security and economic growth. Brackish water and the region's geomorphology also show its past as a mangrove swamp forest. This past is key for future potential as ecotourism and mangrove reforestation. This fits with green and conservation visions. For the energy sources, the region faces strong wind and waves which is good for building wind and tidal power plants. This is important to build a nation's energy source for industrialization and economic growth.

Our vision for Bangladesh

Our transition path

Our vision for a specific region

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